Tuesday, October 30, 2007

   from AndyS

Gimme more

I was in NYC this past weekend, but found almost NO time to visit coffee shops. On the way out of town on Monday, I managed to make one quick stop at Gimme Brooklyn.

Parking was really tough; with the car half-blocking a nearby driveway and the four-way flashers going, I ran in to get a quick ristretto. Recognizing Peter the barista I said a quick hello as he got to work on the order. Not satisfied with the way it poured, he dumped one shot, then another, and I think even a third before he came up with one that he deemed good enough to serve.

It was TINY, a cute little dollop of espresso staring back at me from the bottom of the cup. I tasted it, and HOLY COW! It was obscenely thick, smokey, SPICEY, and tangy-bright; spectacular! This was one of the best shots of espresso I've ever had.

I've often wondered how Gimme, with their remarkably unfashionable dark roasts, dares to continue roasting amid all the "third wave" sturm und drang.

Well, now I know. They do it by simply believing in themselves, and they do it with great shots like that one! Go Gimme!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

   from AndyS

have a nice espresso

Sometimes my morning espresso surprises me.